About the Farm

RED CLOVER HERBAL APOTHECARY FARM is located in Amery, Wisconsin on 5 picturesque acres of land. We are surrounded by rolling prairie filled with native flowering plants and grasses. There is a low lying area in part of the prairie where the water collects from the spring thaw and spring rains, creating a vernal pool. The sounds of hundreds of male peepers calling out for a mate, announce the arrival of spring. New life is everywhere.  In early summer, a pair of Greater Sandhill cranes with their trumpet like calls come daily to the prairie with their two new young crane colts to forage for food. As the season rolls on like the prairie, one day the Sandhill cranes are gone.  As the season continues to roll, plants started from seed in the greenhouse while the ground was still frozen have long since dug their roots deep into the earth and sent their energy upwards to buds that exploded into magnificent flowers. These flowers too, eventually fade, with the morphing of the seasons one into the other, their energy moving back down into their roots for the deep restorative sleep of winter.  And the cycle of life continues.

RED CLOVER HERBAL APOTHECARY FARM has organic certification through MOSA.   No toxic chemicals will ever be used anywhere on our farm. Instead we strive to work with nature, not against it, by building healthy soils that produce healthy plants that contribute to the health of people. By choosing to grow without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the herbs attract many of natures creatures. The beneficial insects and birds that eat the non-beneficial insects come, as well as pollinators; the bees, butterflies and bats. The bee population in particular, as most of you know, is in severe decline in the Northern Hemisphere. Bees depend upon a flower-rich habitat for their food, the loss of which, as a result of the intensification of non-sustaining agricultural systems, has seriously challenged the bees immune system, causing a drop in their population levels.

We are so happy to have Kristy Allen, owner and founder of Beez Kneez, keeping her hives on our farm.  Kristy over-winters her bees instead of putting them on a big semi and trucking them thousands of miles away to a toxic almond farm for the colder months. The diverse selection of flowering herbs on our farm, along with the prairie wildflowers, provides the flower-rich habitat these bees need. We grow over 50 kinds of medicinal herbs, many containing antimicrobial properties that strengthen the immune system.  Our hope is the nectar and pollen from these plants will strengthen the immune system of these beautiful bees.  By creating a healthy habitat for natures wild creatures, we all benefit. We are all in this web of life together.  You can contact Beez Kneez here, https://www.thebeezkneezdelivery.com/contact/