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Milky Oat Seed Harvest

Nancy harvesting Milky Oat Seed

Miranda and I started harvesting our Milky oat seeds this week, (Avena sativa). The medicine of this plant is at it’s most potent when milk exudes from the seed when squeezed as seen in the video. After harvesting the milky seeds, we immediately place them in a menstruum of alcohol where they will sit in the dark for up to 8 weeks before being pressed out. During this time the natural plant constituents will be released into the alcohol, making a potent medicinal plant extract. According to world renowned herbalist and ethnobotanist, David Winston, 2007, author of ‘Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief’, “Milky oat seed is known as a trophorestorative. A trophorestorative is literally a food for a specific organ or tissue, one that nourishes the tissue, restoring normal function and vitality to the organ. Fresh Milky oat seed extract is a superb food for the nervous system. It is a slow acting tonic that calms shattered nerves, relieves emotional instability, reduces symptoms of drug withdrawal and helps restore a sense of peace and tranquility to overstressed, angry and chronically upset people.” It is also useful for situational depression in type A folks.